Planning a Trip to Zanzibar? Here is What You Need to Know

Planning a Trip to Zanzibar? Here is What You Need to Know


Experience the irresistible charm of Zanzibar's paradise-like setting, where you can indulge in the finest seafood while being surrounded by stunning white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters.


Get To Know The Swahili Word “Jambo”

This is the most and frequently used word when locals and tourists meet. It is important to know this word when visiting Zanzibar Islands and Tanzania as a whole. 

The word “Jambo” means Hello/ Hi/ How are you?

Whenever and wherever you meet locals whether on the beach or streets they will start a conversation with this word.

Visas And Immigrations

Travelers are required to apply for a Single Entry Visa type (Ordinary Visa), this type of visa will allow a traveler to stay up to three months in Tanzania. 

The cost of a visa is $50 and $100 for US travelers. 

We highly recommend you apply for a Visa online from the official site of Immigration Department before you land here to simplify the process, an this one is the site.

Important questions about visa asked by the most travelers who want to visit Zanzibar for the first time; 

Can I Get A Visa On Arrival In Zanzibar?

Yes, you can get a visa at the arrival, remember that they only need you to pay in US dollars. You can pay on cash or on credit card.

How Long Does It Take To Get A Visa For Zanzibar?

If you already applied your Visa, you will then get a visa within ten days after submitting your applications.

About Yellow Fever Vaccination

Yellow fever vaccination is mandatory for the travelers from the countries with high risk of transmissions.

Zanzibar Local Foods

Before visiting Zanzibar you need to know the best local foods you may taste while you are here. Zanzibar is known for its best spiced cuisines and Seafoods; like Lobsters, Prawns, Calamari, Octopus, oysters, Fishes, Crabs, etc. 

The list does not end there, also you may try other common unique dishes; like Zanzibar biryani, Pilau, Zanzibar Mix (Urojo), Zanzibar Pizza, Chips mayai, Mishkaki, Cassava etc. you can see more from our local foods guide!

Don’t forget to try the tropical fruits. Remember that, Zanzibar is a tropical island with plenty of tropical fruits to taste, fruits like; Jackfruits, Breadfruits, Bananas, Mangoes, Oranges, Pine Apple, Water melone, Avocado etc.

Zanzibar Differs From Tanzania Mainland

When visiting Zanzibar, do not confuse Tanzania and Zanzibar. They are very different, Tanzania is a one country made by the union of two independent countries which are Tanganyika and Zanzibar. 

The mainland part of Tanzania known as Tanganyika and the semi-autonomous archipelago found 23 miles from the Mainland known as Zanzibar, also known as Spice Islands.

The cultures and people’s behaviors are very different between the Mainland part and Zanzibar. Zanzibari cultures are the mixture of many different backgrounds, including Arab, Persian and African.

99% Of Zanzibar Population Is Muslim

The word Muslim comes from the Arabic word “Islam” which means Peace in English language. 

Before you visit Zanzibar, you have to know that you are coming to the real safe Island in Africa. The population here in Zanzibar are 99% Muslims, there are other religions on the Island such as Christians, Hindu and others. 

Therefore, when walking around Zanzibar streets, especially around Stone town, expect to hear the muslim call prayer also known as Adhana at every time of muslim prayers. Actually, five times a day.

Best Time To Visit Zanzibar

Before you visit Zanzibar, it is better to be aware of the best time to visit so as to get the best holiday experience. Zanzibar is a tropical climate island, hot all year round; we have two rainy seasons in Zanzibar. 

First one, which is also considered as the long rainy season from March to May. And the second, which is short rains from mid-October and December.

The best time to visit Zanzibar Islands depends on the interests of the travelers, but in general the best time to visit Zanzibar is from June to October and from December to March. 

Learn learn more in this article about the best time to visit Zanzibar Islands.

Drinking Alcohol In Zanzibar

Remember that Zanzibar is a Muslim society, we recommend you not drink alcohol in on public to show the respect. If you drink, then please drink in the Hotel and Bars, almost all Hotels in Zanzibar offer alcohol. But, here are some Hotels that do not provide alcohol; such as Mizingani Seafront, Tembo Hotel & Forodhani Park Hotel

Zanzibar Is A Home Of Red Colobus Monkey

Did you know? Zanzibar Red Colobus Monkey is the species only found in Jozani Forest Zanzibar in this World. Jozani forest is the biggest forest of Zanzibar Islands situated in Unguja Island. 

The unique feature of these Monkey species has made them to be one among the famous tourist attractions here in Zanzibar

Public & Private Transportations/ Driving

The common used transportations in Zanzibar are; Taxis, Private transfers, Dala dala (Public), and some tourists decide to Rent Cars or Scooters,

Also, you can pick a Local flight between Zanzibar Airport and other two local Airport; Kigunda Airport in the north part of Unguja Island or Wawi Airport in Pemba Island depending on where you want to go.

If you are a Vlogger wanting to really observe local life of Zanzibar people, then we recommend you get Dala dala. Dala dala is a public transport here in Zanzibar and it is very economical. But it may not be the best option if you are here for the holiday.

Sim Cards

There are five network companies that offer sim cards here in Zanzibar; Zantel, Tigo, Halotel, Vodacom, and Airtel. 

Zantel is a common and best service provider in Zanzibar Islands. We also recommend you register your sim card from Zantel company. You can grab your Sim Card from their shops situated inside Zanzibar Airport or at Darajani Market, Stone Town.

Getting your local Sim card is simple! the main requirement for Travelers is to come with your passport. And they charges according to your specifications, but not more than $10 and less then $2

No Uber In Zanzibar

Yes, there is no Uber in Zanzibar, but you will not hustle to get your transport during your vacation. You can book a taxi from any destination in Zanzibar; from the Airport to Hotel or from the Hotel to Hotel, using just your smartphone. You can visit our taxi service booking page here. 

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