5 Exciting Activities to Experience in Mikumi National Park

5 Exciting Activities to Experience in Mikumi National Park


Discover the excitement of Mikumi National Park with these five thrilling activities. From game drives to nature walks.


1. Safari Adventures(Game Drives) :

Take a thrilling safari through Mikumi National Park to witness diverse wildlife, from the big elephants to graceful giraffes in their natural habitat.

2. Bird Watching:

Explore the park's rich birdlife. Grab your binoculars and spot beautiful birds like lilac-breasted rollers and hornbills against the stunning landscape.

3. Scenic Picnic Spots:

Pack a picnic and relax at scenic spots within the park. Enjoy your meal surrounded by the beauty of Mikumi, with a chance of spotting wildlife while you savor your food.

4. Hiking Trails:

Discover the park's hidden gems by taking a leisurely hike. Uncover unique flora and fauna while enjoying the fresh air and breathtaking views.

5. Camping:

Experience the magic of Mikumi National Park by camping under the stars. Set up your tent in designated camping areas and immerse yourself in the sounds of nature as you enjoy a night surrounded by the wild beauty of the park.

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