Whether you’re looking to embark on a safari, escape to a beach paradise, or take a breathtaking hike through Tanzania’s lush landscapes, Safari 56 is your gateway to it all.

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About Us

Safari 56 is the #1 rated tour company in Tanzania. It was founded in June 2016 by Yonafika Akida as a way to share his love of Africa’s natural wonders and beauty. And nowhere does Africa’s splendor shine more than in Tanzania, considered by world travelers as the crown jewel of Africa. Whether you’re looking to embark on a safari, escape to a beach paradise, or take a breathtaking hike through Tanzania’s lush landscapes, Safari 56 is your gateway to it all.

Why Choose Us?

With so much to see and do, we understand that planning a trip to Africa can be overwhelming. We are a dream team of local Tanzanians who take great pride in delighting you with our exemplary professionalism, knowledge and service. Our highly trained staff possesses expert knowledge of parks, trails, wildlife, beaches, and the best places to stay. We will work with you to tailor an experience that will make the very most of your time and budget.

1. Seriously Fun

We take your fun seriously. From the moment you arrive, to the moment you leave, we will take care of all your needs, from transportation to hotel check-in to your safety and everything in between. We sweat the details so you can relax and enjoy your time here to the fullest. No matter what adventure you choose, we guarantee you will have an experience of a lifetime.

2. Affordable

An adventure of a lifetime doesn’t have to be for just the super wealthy. We want everyone to be able to experience our beautiful country so we’ve made every effort to make all of our tours as affordable as possible.

What Do Our Customers Say?

Anyone can make bold claims so we prefer to let our customers do the talking. They’ve rated us the #1 tour operator in Dar Es Salaam and have given us a rare 5 star rating on Here’s a small sample of what they have to say:

Great company. Very reliable. Our guide, Michael, was super competent. Great driver as well as very knowledgeable about Tanzanian culture and wildlife. We went to Selous Game reserve, which was amazing. But a lot of driving also inside the park - as it is the biggest game reserve in Tanzania. Maybe we would have gone for Mikumi instead, as it is smaller. But possibly also more crowded. Just a thought. We saw Hippos, Crocodile, birds, impala, pumpa, giraffe, zebra, lion, elephant, wild beast and others. The Camp was just perfect for what we needed, but nothing luxury. Not much electricity and no wifi, just FYI. We opted for a village tour rather than a walking safari. We were very happy with our choice! We got a great understanding of the Tanzanian village life, which was very giving.


I booked Safari 56 after my Tanzanian friend saw the strong endorsement on their Facebook page. I needed to do a 3 day safari in between my stints in Dar and in Zanzibar. I warns;rt disappointed. I had a briefing by Allen and Kenneth the day before and then was picked up by Habib the morning afterwards. We spent a great day driving through Ngorogoro, then to Serengeti and then back through Ngorogoro. Our guide Habib was excellent. He was invariably the most keen sighted and first on the scene for a special moment. I told him I dreamt of seeing a leopard and he duly found two for me that very day. One on a rock and another up a tree with a gazelle as prey. Habib experience numerous difficulties outride his control during the trip (a flat tire, getting stuck in a muddy pothole and finally a broken brake) but was basically unflappable throughout. He combined all the qualities you need in a good teacher or guide, both deep knowledge of his craft (in this case the flora and fauna of Tanzania) - and trust me, we all bombarded him with questions constantly! But also, you need passion, and it was clear how much Habib loves the animals and treasures his ability to show people the pride of Tanzania. It was hiss first safari since lockdown and he told us how much it meant to him to bye out there again. We saw all the Big Five even a rhinoceros albeit at some distance out. But it was the guide and his cook Peter - who cooked gourmet food under the most challenging conditions - who really made the trip great. The whole experience was very positive. And most importantly it is a fraction of the price of some other safaris I was quoted. I would recommend Safari56 unreservedly. Chris


Excellent arrangements, perfect tour plan and lots of activities even if the trip is short. Safari56 team is trusted and excellent in communication and has one of the best tour guides in Zanzibar. All of them licensed by the government. I would recommend everyone who’s planning safari adventure or beach vibes (Zanzibar) to get in touch with these guys. Asante Sana Team safari56 for making our trip to Zanzibar/Daresalam superb. Big ups amazing people 👋🏾👋🏾👋🏾👌🏾👌🏾

Abdifatah Hassan

Had a great short safari with Safari56. Left Dar with my 10 year old. Flew to Serengeti, did a hot air balloon ride, and then went to Ngorongoro as well before ending up in Arusha. A small hiccup at the beginning when we landed in Serengeti (registration problem meant we got delayed at the park office for a bit and missed lunch), but apart from that the whole thing was great. We had a fantastic guide, Alfa and overall wold recommend without hesitation.


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